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Announcing OpenTeacher

December 14, 2011

Although this blog is mainly about Ampache I am taking this opportunity to let the community know about a recent piece of software that I have discovered and packaged for Debian/Ubuntu.

I would like to announce the availability of OpenTeacher in Precise, Oneiric-backports and Debian Wheezy.

So what is OpenTeacher you ask. Well it is an easy way to learn a foreign language. You feed it word lists (which you can find online), then choose one of three learning modes, ie think answer, shuffle answer, repeat answer. These modes determine how Openteacher will test you. Once the test is complete OpenTeacher will rate you on your performance.

Openteacher is in heavy development right now. If you would like to see where the development team is going with OpenTeacher have a look at their launchpad blueprints or if you would like to get involved have a look at their launchpad project page.

Authors: Milan Boers, Marten de Vries, Roel Huybrechts,Cas Widdershoven, David D. Lowe

In other news thanks to Adam Cecile, I have become the co-maintainer of Picard in Debian. The packaging for Picard has now moved to the Python Application Packaging Teams svn repo and Picard-0.16-1 has landed in unstable. Once Picard migrates to testing we will sync it over to Ubuntu, giving everyone a fresh new version to play with.

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