Dear Ubuntu One Hackers Team

If you cannot lease a constructive comment on my blog please stay off it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind the Ubuntu One Hackers Team to please reread the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct and follow it.

Matt Griffin with regards to LP #646296 please have a look at:


Visit this site for licensing details

Scroll to the bottom of the page and I quote:

“For non-commercial use the JW Player 5 for Flash is licensed as open source software under a non-commercial variation of the Create Commons License. We encourage developers to download and modify the source as required.

For commercial use the JW Player 5 for Flash is licensed under a commercial license.”

Now if you or any of your team would like to help me in packaging Subsonic for Debian/Ubuntu users please contact me at  I have already filed and ITP bug in the Debian BTS.

Have a nice day


6 Responses to “Dear Ubuntu One Hackers Team”

  1. Martin Owens Says:

    But Non-Commercial licenses aren’t open source, free software and aren’t acceptable to debian or ubuntu repositories. You might get away with a PPA though.

    I find it bad that this company/person is using the term open source in such a way. Creative Commons != Open Source. In fact most Creative Commons licenses aren’t Free Cultural licenses. NC and ND are restrictive terms.

    So much education to do!

  2. ScottK Says:

    You know that will have to go in non-free in Debian and multiverse in Ubuntu, right?

  3. Andy Says:

    As someone who doesn’t know the context behind this post. I will just say that software under a creative commons license is one of my less favourite things.

    The language in the license doesn’t really talk about software (what does it mean to “perform” in the context of software? Am I “performing” if I put the software on my server and let others use it? I err on the side of caution and distribute the source… but I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do).

  4. Tormod Says:

    I wonder if they call themselves “hackers” to smooth over they are developing a closed-source commercial service? 🙂

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