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Dear Ubuntu One Hackers Team

September 23, 2010

If you cannot lease a constructive comment on my blog please stay off it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind the Ubuntu One Hackers Team to please reread the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct and follow it.

Matt Griffin with regards to LP #646296 please have a look at:


Visit this site for licensing details

Scroll to the bottom of the page and I quote:

“For non-commercial use the JW Player 5 for Flash is licensed as open source software under a non-commercial variation of the Create Commons License. We encourage developers to download and modify the source as required.

For commercial use the JW Player 5 for Flash is licensed under a commercial license.”

Now if you or any of your team would like to help me in packaging Subsonic for Debian/Ubuntu users please contact me at  I have already filed and ITP bug in the Debian BTS.

Have a nice day


Alternative to Ubuntu One’s Music Streaming Solution

September 22, 2010

I found Martin Albisetti’s blog announcing the new music streaming features for Ubuntu One’s music store to be some what funny.

The streaming feature will be part of Ubuntu Ones payed plan. So I ask myself “Why would I want to pay for something I can do for free”. I personally prefer to use Ampache to stream my music collection to my desktop and laptops.

In Martins blog he mentions stream music to your phone:

In Ubuntu 10.04, we released the music store, and to compliment that, we will be allowing you to stream any music you have in your Ubuntu One account to your iPhone or Android mobile phone.”

So what’s the big deal? Ampache has been able to stream music to the android phone since the release of Karmic!

There is iAmpache for iPhones, Ampache Moble for the Palm Pre, Amdroid for the Android phone, and Ampacheberry for the blackberry. Not to mention if you want to run Ampache as a virtual appliance there is VMampache and ISOampache

There are also two lightweight players for Ampache Quickplay, and Viridian-player. The Viridian-player will hit the archives as soon as the upstream developer finishes the logo.

It is really easy to add your $HOME/Ubuntu One folder to your Ampache instance.  From the web UI go to Admin ->Add a Catalog and provide the path to your Ubuntu One music folder, then click create catalog. Done.

Ampache can also be used as a backend for ShoutCast, MPD. Amarok, and can be used with python-coherence to be the backend for rhythmbox

To install Ampache simply do:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server ampache