There are some exciting things happening in the Ampache community.

First there was Quickplay, a light weight frontend/player which uses Ampaches XML API to connect to your Ampache server. Quickplay has recently been accepted into Ubuntu Karmic and Debian Squeeze.

Quickplay was then ported as Amdroid for the Verison G1 phone, and has since been receiving some third party modifications . Hopefully these will be integrated by upstream soon.

And now Quickplay has been ported as AmpachPre for the Palm Pre phone. (thx fain)







So your asking “where is the iphone version” of Quickplay. There was an effort to port Quickplay to the iphone, but sadly this project has been abandoned. If someone in the community would like to pick up the project and continue, you can find the code here.

AmpachPre will not work with the current version of Ampache in Jaunty (ampache-3.4.4) due to changes in the XML API, sadly Ampache-3.5.1 is not a good SRU candidate so I have created a version of Ampache-3.5.1 for Jaunty in my PPA



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