Coming Soon Ampache-3.5-Alpha2

Hello Planet,

The big news today is the expected release of Lenny. WoooHooo! And speaking of Lenny, it will be the first stable release of Debian with Ampache included in it.  Ampache has been in Ubuntu since Hardy 8.04. I have, what I consider a rather large music collection, and Ampache is by far the best solution that I have found to manage and stream my music to me anywhere. Thanks to Kevin Purdy and his porting of Quickplay (which he also wrote) you can now stream your Ampache music collection to your Android Phone. Quickplay makes use of Ampache’s new XML-API and ACL’s to connect to and communicate with your Ampache server. Quickplay is written in python, and is a light mp3 player frontend for your Ampache server (great for older hardware).  The XML-API also allows you to use Amarok2 (media player) and Coherence (python UPnP framework) with Ampache. Quickplay is currently up on REVU and

Vollmer, Ampache’s Lead Dev has informed me that he is pushing to have Ampache-3.5-alpha2 released in the next couple of weeks or so. Some of the new features which will be included into the alph2 release will be improvements to the XML-API, the addition of an ACL creation wizard, IPv6 support, and some video support (which is very much still in it’s infancy) but it’s a start, and momo-i has been all over translations so our international users should see an improvement.

Well it is Valintines Day, so I better get off this thing and go spend some time with my sweetheart.

Happy Valintines Day everyone.


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